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Meet Our Team

Elane Cunha-Brown

Area Director of Operations

Elane Cunha-Brown is a remarkable and vigilant Owner/Broker who has a great deal of expertise working in the Real Estate & Property Management profession. Elane was born and raised in Brazil-Rio De Janeiro and has been living in Tampa, FL for the past 11 years. Elane always felt an incredible connection with Property Management and her admiration for the job of being a Real Estate Broker motivated her to pursue her given course.

Elane has been diligently working at Rent It Network since 2012 as the Area Director of Operations. Elane’s main emphasis is on office management. It is her responsibility and duty to ensure the company's service goals and objectives are achieved to the highest standards. Elane manages and leads a cross-functional team of colleagues who work both internally and in the field. The primary objective of the team is to ensure the office operations are completed in a timely and effective manner and to provide a high level of customer support. Elane is always on the lookout for ways to provide customers with assistance in resolving their issues and concerns related to their property.

Elane enjoys her job and loves working collaboratively with good owners, and tenants, in order to resolve their property related issues. Besides this, Elane is deeply passionate about cooking & boating and loves the outdoors and going to the beach.

Broker License # BK3256218

Contact Information: elane@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 107


Kris Knutson

Director of Business Development

Kris Knutson is a highly skilled and immensely enthusiastic business professional with vast experience working in the Property Management and the Real Estate world. Kris was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and attended Augsburg University with a focus on International Business & Relations. In 1999 Kris continued her educational pursuits at Arizona State University in Criminal Justice.  Kris is a highly recognized and vastly acclaimed Real Estate professional who holds numerous certifications and licenses. Kris has been an active member of NARPM since 2015 and also holds GTAR & NAR memberships along with Real Estate licenses in California, Minnesota, Arizona & Florida.

Kris has been actively working in the Real Estate world for more than 21 years. During this time, Kris has acquired the necessary knowledge and understanding of Real Estate & Property Management which has significantly assisted her in paving her own way to success. Kris joined forces with Rent It Network in 2015 with one simple objective in mind; to use her vast understanding of the Property Management world to assist and guide individuals with their Property Management and Tenant Placement needs.

Kris is the Director of Business Development at Rent It Network. It is her primary focus to educate owners about the services Rent It Network provides and what sets her company apart from others. Kris also trains and manages the many members of the Rent It Network sales team. Her passion for helping others connect to their dream home motivates and inspires Kris to pursue her profession.

In her free time, Kris enjoys traveling. She has a love for exploring and unveiling the mysteries of different cultures of the world. Kris is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and delights in cooking and dining out in new restaurants. Kris cherishes spending time with her family and friends taking adventure trips, boating throughout Tampa Bay, golfing, is a season ticket holder to the Tampa Lightning, and enjoys live music venues.

Real Estate License # SL3337047

Contact information: Kris@rentitnetwork.com
or 813-864-9515 X 115

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Jobe Peterson

Business Development Specialist

Jobe B. Peterson is an immensely passionate and a highly skilled Real Estate Professional who is equipped with a remarkable skill-set of knowledge and understanding of the Property Management & Real Estate Business. Jobe was born in Bakersfield, California and then moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota where he spent the greater portion of his childhood. Jobe acquired a degree in Global Business from Saint John’s University and then ultimately moved to Tampa, Florida in 2015. Jobe holds an active Florida Real Estate Sales License & has been extensively working in the Real Estate industry since 2015.

Jobe began working for Rent It Network in 2016 and is currently a Business Development Specialist. Jobe's job is to work directly with homeowners, and Real Estate Investors, and assist them with their Property Management decisions. Jobe's major emphasis is on finding a means to increase our clients’ profitability while simultaneously working on decreasing the vacancy period. Jobe greatly admires working with the highly skilled and talented professional property managers and executives of Rent It Network.

In addition to this, Jobe is an immensely enthusiastic Ice Hockey fan. He loves going out on the ice and playing the great game. Jobe holds great admiration for traveling, exploring, and experiencing new things. Jobe is also an avid golfer; if you can’t catch him on the rink you will want to check out the links.

Real Estate License # SL338588

Contact Information: Jobe@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 114

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Mark Seybold

Regional Property Specialist

Mark Seybold is an aspiring business professional and a Regional Property Specialist at Rent It Network. Mark was born in Templeton, CA and spent the majority of his childhood in St. Augustine, FL. Mark attended Bob Hogue School of Real Estate and has been living in Tampa, FL for the past 10 years. Mark holds an active Real Estate License. His passion and admiration for working in the field of Real Estate and Property Management inspired him to pursue the his profession.

Mark has an invaluable deal of understanding and knowledge for the Property Management profession and it provides him with an edge over his competitive Real Estate professionals. Mark joined forces with the Rent It Network in 2015 and has been serving Rent It Network and our many valued clients passionately since his arrival. Mark’s primary objective is to educate Rent It Network clients about the perks of any given property and he is also responsible for managing the properties in his respective market.

The joy and bliss of assisting and guiding clients in finding the perfect property is the greatest source of Mark’s motivation. The love and admiration for his job fuel Mark’s passion and assist him in going above and beyond the client’s expectations. Besides this, Mark is greatly enthusiastic about sports, movies, and video games and likes spending his leisure time with his TV and gaming consoles.

Real Estate License # SL3251305

Contact information: mark@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 108

Dillon Cook

Regional Property Specialist

Dillon Cook is a highly skilled and vastly talented Regional Property Specialist who has been working in the Property Management and Real Estate business since 2012. Dillon was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dillon graduated from Florida College and moved to Tampa in 2013. Dillon is well versed in the Real Estate & Property Management Business. His passion for guiding others in their pursuit of the perfect property motivates and inspires him.

Dillon has been working with Rent It Network since 2016 as a Regional Property Specialist. Dillon’s job requires him to interact and communicate with other Real Estate Associates, as well as, possible Rent It Network clients and current clients. Dillon’s knowledge and understanding of the local Tampa market makes him an invaluable asset to the Rent It Network sales team. Dillon really likes working alongside his clients helping them find their perfect home. He enjoys meeting and interacting with new and various people throughout his day. Dillon is an enthusiastic individual with an incredible work ethic.

Dillon likes being fit and working out. He holds great love and admiration for visiting & hiking state parks alongside his companion Katie. When not exploring the great outdoors, Dillon can be found in one of our local area coffee shops enjoying a good book & a great cup of coffee.

Real Estate License # SL3324785

Contact Information: Dillon@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 112


Jocelyn Castro

Regional Property Coordinator

Jocelyn Castro is an immensely enthusiastic and greatly skilled Real Estate Professional who holds a formidable blend of  property management knowledge and understanding. Jocelyn was born and raised in the city of Miami, Florida and graduated from Miami-Dade College/Ashworth University and holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration. Jocelyn has been living in Tampa, Florida for the past two years and recently began her career in the Property Management and Real Estate world. Jocelyn holds a professional Real Estate License and is an aspiring Realtor® with high ambitions and hopes of succeeding in the Real Estate world of today and tomorrow.

Jocelyn began working with Rent It Network in 2016 with a simple objective in mind; to provide a high level of service to Rent It Network clients and potential clients. Jocelyn has been operating as the Regional Property Coordinator with her primary focus being exceptional Customer Service. Jocelyn primary objective is to address the needs and requirements of the clients, our property owners and tenants alike, and to solve their queries associated with their home(s).

Jocelyn loves the Rent It Network work environment and greatly admires the company’s executives, clients, and the professionalism of the office team. Jocelyn is a highly focused and determined employee and is always on the lookout for opportunities to contribute to the company’s overall success. Besides this, Jocelyn loves reading, researching, and is always searching for ways to enhance her current skill set. Jocelyn also enjoys shopping and cherishes spending time alongside her friends and family.

Real Estate License # SL3357730

Contact information: Jocelyn@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 110


Sonja Haltiwanger

Regional Property Specialist

Sonja Haltiwanger is a passionate and highly successful Real Estate professional who has been working in the Real Estate and Property Management arena since 2016. Sonja grew up in the Orlando area and recently relocated to Tampa after discovering how much she enjoyed all that Tampa has to offer. Sonja and has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. However, helping others match with their perfect home has been the true driving force behind Sonja's continued success.

Sonja joined Rent It Network in 2017 as a Regional Property Specialist. Early in her career, Sonja was involved in the consumer sales market with Hawaiian Tropic, Panama Jack and Conair/ Cusinart Corporation on a national level. Since that time, Sonja has devoted herself to the real estate business. Her business marketing background and her contagious enthusiasm will propel her to great heights in the real estate industry. She has a keen eye for details and a strong sense of doing-it-right the first time.

Sonja is recognized as a focused and very active individual in the community and in all her business endeavors. Sonja believes in giving back to the community and has served on community boards that focus on the arts.

Real Estate License# SL3348716

Contact information: sonja@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 X 116


Cheri Scobee

Regional Property Coordinator

Cheri Scobee is a highly skilled and talented Regional Property Specialist who has been working in the Property Management and Real Estate business since 1993. Cheri was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in Benzonia, Michigan. Cheri attended Tampa College and is a Military Veteran.

Cheri is well versed in the Real Estate & Property Management Business. Cheri has been working with Rent It Network since 2017 as a Regional Property Specialist. Cheri's job requires her to interact with various people throughout the day, including: tenants, owners & vendors. Helping others find resolution to their problems gives Cheri a sense of accomplishment knowing she has been a positive change in someone's day.

Cheri truly enjoys helping others. In her free time, Cheri enjoys volunteering with with Veterans and Children in her community.

Real Estate License #SL667325

CAM License #CAM28284

HUD Certified Specialist

Contact information: Cheri@rentitnetwork.com
813-864-9515 ext. 102


Kimberley Stone-Washington

Maintenance Coordinator

Washington is an intelligent and highly motivated individual who assists Rent It Network in the Maintenance Department. This position involves fielding calls from residents with maintenance concerns, creating work orders, working with property owners to gain approval for work and dispatching contractors. Our Maintenance Department is a fast paced, fun, team oriented environment where Kimber works hard to keep our residents safe and our homes in top condition.

Kimber was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to North Haven, Connecticut when she was just two-years old. Kimber spent most of her youth in North Haven before moving to the Tampa Bay Area in 1974. Kimber has been an integral part in the success of Rent It Network since 2017 by setting goals for herself, in collaboration with the Maintenance Pros, for a more streamlined and efficient maintenance process.

In her free time, Kimber enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, listening to music in the park with her husband, and is a culinary wizard in the kitchen. Kimber enjoys giving back to her community and making a difference in the lives of others.

Contact information: Kimberly@themaintenancepros.com
813-864-9515 ext. 104




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