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Agent Referrals

Team up with our property management experts and we’ll make your life a whole lot easier

Working together is winning together!

At Rent It Network, we know how important it is to work with other industry professionals. Everyone that surrounds the real estate transaction must come together to help ensure success.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Generate Additional Income From Referrals – Now And In The Future

We know that working with property owners and tenants is a different type of business and not all agents are equipped to handle it. When it comes to the unique needs of property owners today, it takes a tremendous amount of “hands on” time and attention. In addition, the complexity of transactions today continues to increase and you must be on top of all the current landlord/tenant laws and regulations.

Just as you specialize in the sale and purchase of real estate, we specialize in the leasing and management of it. You can refer with complete confidence knowing that we will take great care of your client. We believe strongly in the power of profitable partnerships and are committed to converting leads into closed business.

Would You Like More Seller Leads?

With every property management lead that you refer to us, we will refer it back to you at the point the owner is ready to sell. Our job is to build a relationship so that we are aware when this is happening. We know how to create raving fans who will want to work with you.

Working together is winning together!

Choose Rent It Network
As Your Partner

You now have a resource for your rental property management prospects. Every phone call, open house and opportunity call you have brings a whole new set of opportunities. Do you work with investors? If so, offering our services can add to your value proposition.

Refer Your Property Management Leads

We make earning money on property management leads simple. We will pay you a referral fee for each property management lead you refer that signs an agreement with us. And remember, we will refer them back to you when they are ready to sell.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

If you are ready to earn referral income today, simply follow these 3 steps:
Incorporate Rent It Network into your prospecting activities and conversations
Start referring your property management leads
Get paid!

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