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3 Things To Know Before Buying A Multifamily Property

Tips for Buying a Multifamily Home in Hillsborough

Buying a multifamily property is a large investment and can be overwhelming for many first-time investors. Being a larger property intended to encompass two or more families, multifamily properties can be more stressful as they are more expensive and require more work than single family homes. Being that multifamily homes can be difficult to self-manage, many first-time investors stray away from this method until they become more seasoned. However, with correct preparation and a detailed understanding of market trends in your area, investing in multifamily housing, and practicing the following tips can help produce an attractive return.

   1. Define Your Strategy

You must have a clearly  defined strategy when buying Multifamily housing properties. The choice of property, the amount of down payment and the return on investment, are all key factors that should be decided before purchasing. You should also have a clear idea of the overall amount of time needed to ensure the profitability of your property. This can also help you decide how long to hold your property before selling 

   2. Gather Financial Statements

Make sure all your recent financial statements are at hand and can be easily accessed for income verification purposes. Additionally, request financial and rental statements from the multi-family property you intend to purchase. The financial history of an investment is an important tool as it can serve as a good indicator of predicted future earnings.

   3. Hire an Underwriter

Every property purchase must have a thorough underwriting that exists as a legally binding lease. Often times banks and other financial institutions have strict regulations regarding the underwriting, and the content included. This underwriting involves defining who takes on the responsibility for the property in event of property damage or leasing defaults.

Purchasing a multifamily investment home can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Take a collaborative approach and partner with the number one property management company in Florida, equipped with successful multifamily realtors. When you’re in the market for investment specialists to help define your investment strategy, analyze the profitability of a multifamily property and produce legally binding leases; call Rent It Network today at 813-864-9515.

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