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4 Habits of Effective Real Estate Investors

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The highs and lows of the investment process can be overwhelming to the new or amateur investor. There are many classes and webinars that teach detailed strategies that can be extremely useful to guide you through the investment cycle, however they can be lengthy and expensive. The following are 5 practical habits used and developed by successful real estate investors that can help you be successful in all your business ventures to come. 

  1. Have a plan: Knowing what you are willing to risk in order to obtain a return is an essential step in real estate investing. This allows you to have a solid bargaining point when speaking to relators regarding potential properties and neighborhoods you would like to invest in. This can also help you stick to any budgets you have made to account for investment expenses.  
  2. Know the Market:  According to, knowing the market you plan on investing in makes you aware of any trends involving increases or decreases in employment rates, mortgage rates and spending habits. Being knowledgeable of the market also places you at an advantage, alerting you of upcoming developments or reconstruction projects occurring in select neighborhoods allowing you to invest early if you should choose. 
  3. Monitor your opportunities: Do research into the investment styles of other investors with portfolios that you admire. Mimicking their buying patterns and repeating them can potentially leave you with similar results. Reaching out to them can also be a good method to expand your investment knowledge and gain a new resource for strategies and inquiries.  ????
  4.  Monitor your finances: According to Chris Clothier of Bigger Pockets, investors with the best return do not leave their finances up to someone else to manage. While this is not meant to steer you away from receiving accounting help, you should always be aware of the state of your finances. This allows you to be able to make quick decisions regarding the state of your investments without having to wait on approval or reassurance from anyone else.  This also impresses potential lenders when you can locate and produce numbers confidently during a call or meeting. 

Becoming an effective real estate investor takes time, however abiding by successful tips like these can ensure you are on the path to become one. When you’re looking for more career building tips from experienced real estate investors beyond planning, knowing the market and monitoring your opportunities and finances contact one of the Investment specialists at Rent It Network. 

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