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New Sports Bar In Seminole Heights Set To Open Right Before Baseball Season

Seminole Heights Bar Contributes to the Property Value in the Area

New restaurant and sports bar, Social House, is set to open its doors in the upcoming first weeks of April. The owners plan to take a new approach to the traditional sports bar layout and give the eatery a more contemporary decor. The restaurant will incorporate the traditional multi television setup found in most sports bars, and add concrete, steel and wood fixtures and appliances to make the space seem more modern. 

The restaurant will offer community style tables and seating while serving traditional American food. The menu options were tastefully crafted by the Vice President of Tampa’s popular vegetarian hotspot SoFresh, Ricky Coston; who is now one of the co-owners of social house. This new space will also offer 32 unique beverages on tap, in addition to pitchers, a relatively new option in the Seminole Heights restaurant district.

According to creative loafing Tampa, the owners of Social House want the establishment to encourage others not to “be scared to rub elbows with people you don’t know,” said co-owner Taylor Caum. While other bars exist throughout Seminole heights this one differs as it pushes others to communicate and mingle, making it a good option for singles or those new to the area. The ultimate goal of the restaurant is to provide a fun and welcoming space to enjoy people, sports and a good meal.

Seminole Heights is ranked one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in the Tampa Bay area due to its high-ranking public schools and safety rating according to The opening of the new restaurant further adds to the cities overall appeal. Restaurants, parks and movie theaters can also lead to an increase in property value for homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. The more popular attractions an area has, the more people who will want to live there. To find homes with the best local attractions that will be the best fit for you and your family, give Rent it Network a call today. 

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