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New Transit Options for St. Petersburg

Addition to St. Petersburg's transportation system

St. Petersburg is one of the latest cities to join the rapidly growing motorized Scooter movement. A new city-wide ordinance, passed last October, is making new forms of micro mobility possible. These shared community scooters will be distributed throughout the downtown area and can be rented via mobile app. This program will mimic the city’s existing bike share program. While profits from the bike share program are modest, averaging 150 rides a day, city officials aim to increase profits by implementing new regulations that ensure accessibility, safety and overall preserve the lifespan of each scooter.

  1. All Scooters have a mandatory curfew of 10pm: In order to preserve the battery life for future residents. Scooters will have an automatic shut- off function that prohibits mobility. Additionally, one parking corral will likely be located within every city block downtown. Riders may be required to return scooters to designated parking corals, rather than casually parking the scooters street side. 
  2.  St. Pete Scooters are prohibited on sidewalks: Unlike other cities, St. Pete scooters are being regarded as motor vehicles rather than pedestrians. Scooter operation will be permitted only in streets and bike lanes with speeds not exceeding 30mph. City officials made this decision to ensure the safety and ease of travel of commuting pedestrians.  
  3.  Fines will be issued for scooter violations: In order to ensure the safety of riders and uphold the standards of the program. Fines will be issued to non-complying riders. St. Petersburg restrictions also include raising the overall age of riders to 16 to ensure the safekeeping and upkeep of the shared devices. Violators of scooter procedures may be fined $3 – $5, and repeated violators risk being banned from scooter usage. 

St. Pete is likely to see its first installment of scooters arriving in late March.  With the new regulations in place, an increase of traffic and consumerism is expected to uplift the city. When you’re in the market to invest or relocate into an innovative and developing city like St. Pete, contact the #1 property management and investment service company in Florida; for always fast, always responsive, and always professional home solutions. 

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