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Three Reasons to Take Repaving Your Driveway Seriously

Property Manager's Driveway Repaving Guidance

Although it may rarely cross your mind, your driveway contributes to the  first impression others generate of your home. Harsh weather conditions such as hard rains, wind and snow can cause your driveway to dematerialize and crack.  Small cracks and crevasses can be filed with a variety of liquid crack fillers; however, they must be maintained before they become too large for repair. While driveway upkeep may be one of the last tasks you tend to as a busy landlord, the following are three reasons maintaining good driveway upkeep can be quite beneficial for your finances and the overall value of your home. 

  1. Preventing Vehicle Damage: Cracks and damages in your driveway can lead to increased damage to your tires and the suspension of your vehicle. A recent survey revealed that around 77% of used cars require maintenance for damage their owners cannot explain. Simple repairs like as a paved driveway can preserve the value of your car for far longer than driving along bumpy surfaces. 
  2. Smooth Driveways Prevent Liabilities: Cracks and potholes in your driveway can place you at risk if your tenant is able to prove that you neglected to repair damages. You can also be held at fault if a tenant happens to slip and fall on the property as a result of an uneven surfaces or cracks in the pavement surrounding your property. Staying on top of driveway repairs can alleviate you of unnecessary stress involving driveway injuries. 
  3. Increased Curb Appeal: Potential tenants viewing your home are more likely to keep searching when encountering a home with an unpleasant driveway. Cracked and broken driveways can cause your property to appear cheap and poorly maintained. Failing to make the effort to conduct driveway repairs can give off the impression that you do not care about your tenants or property and can lead to vacancies and longer periods of time on the market. 

Having a functional driveway can help eliminate additional stress to you as a landlord. Maintaining your pavement should be handled with the same consistency and dedication you allot to other aspects of your home. When you’re looking to make repairs to your driveway in order to prevent vehicle damage, prevent liabilities and increase curb appeal for your home or investment property, our specialists know what it takes to keep your home safe and profitable.  Contact the always fast, always professional and always reliable property managers at Rent It Network today. 

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