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Top School Districts In The Tampa Bay Area

List of the best elementary schools

There are many factors that can influence a Renter’s decision on a property. Living in an area with a good school district is often a priority for many prospective renters and buyers. Neighborhoods with good school districts are often believed to produce stable home values. This also appeals to many investors as properties in these areas are often easier to rent due to their appeal. This is due to the belief that neighborhoods with excelling schools will always attract buyers and renters who intend to enroll their children. In 2019, the state of Florida ranked among the top 3 states with the highest number of entries on the U.S News and World Report top 100 schools list. 

The following schools are ranked in order as the top 10 elementary schools in the Tampa Bay area according to The ranking is based on a detailed analysis of each schools review’s, statistic’s and data from the U.S Department of Education. 

Top 10 Tampa Bay Elementary Schools 

  1. Dayspring Academy: Pasco County 
  2. Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School: Pinellas County
  3. Curtis Fundamental Elementary School: Pinellas County
  4. Grady Elementary School: Hillsborough County 
  5. James P. Sanderlin: Pinellas County 
  6. Bevis Elementary: Hillsborough County 
  7. Hammond Elementary: Hillsborough County
  8. Lakeview Fundamental: Pinellas County
  9. Roland Park Magnet School: Hillsborough County
  10. Plato Academy: Palm Harbor

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