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The Different Types of Property Marketing

The Different Types of Property Marketing

Statistics show Florida's rental vacancy rate is about 6.5 percent, which means with high rents, you'll want to use the best property marketing techniques to get the best tenants. Long-term Tampa tenants are the best because they are less work for you as a property owner.

Property marketing means creating great listings and using social media. Also, ask for testimonials. Using these property marketing methods will help you get the best Tampa tenants.

Here is more on property marketing tips for your rental units.

Create Great Listings

Rental marketing tips must include creating great listings. You want your listings to stand out among the competition. Great listings can also help you command higher rent in Tampa, Florida, which averages about $2,200 monthly

Be very descriptive of your rental units and how much tenants can expect to pay. Use positive wording and ensure you follow all grammar and punctuation rules. 

What are the best amenities for your property? Do they include a pool or close walking distance to public transportation? Be sure to list any and all amenities - however small or large - that you think would attract tenants.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. High-end photos will make a difference in the rental marketing process with the best color and clarity. Also, think about adding professionally staged furniture and accessories to make the property look 'lived in.' 

A great listing is a rental marketing tip that needs to be at the forefront of your messaging. Capitalize on your investment and use a property management firm to help.

Use Social Media

Just about everyone uses social media, so it's a no-brainer to use social channels as part of your property marketing tips. You can buy ads in a designated area with rental marketing. 

Likes and shares will help expand your reach. You can also use professional photographs for your social media posts. 

You can also use social media to tell people about the tenant screening process and what they can expect. 

Ask for Testimonials 

Do you have some outstanding tenants? Be sure to ask them to give a video or written testimonial about their living experience. Testimonials validate your place in the rental market by showing people you can provide them with a quality place to live. 

Rental marketing tips such as testimonials show why people enjoy living at your properties. They can talk about the fabulous amenities, ease of rental payments, and even tenant screening. Feel free to give those who participate a rental coupon or one-month discount. 

Post these testimonials to social media! 

Property Marketing Tips for Your Tampa Rentals 

Property marketing techniques for your Tampa, Florida, rentals include creating great listings and using social media. Additionally, it's also a great technique to use testimonials from actual renters. 

Look no further than us if you want to up your property marketing game. Contact us today, and let us show you how to quickly get your property listed and rented! A property management firm such as ours can help you maximize your investment.