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What to Expect From Property and Rental Inspections

What to Expect From Property and Rental Inspections

About 36 percent of Americans rent a home, and inspections of those homes are standard throughout Florida to ensure safety. Renters can cause damages, and you want to ensure your home is safe and gives you peace of mind as a property owner. Property inspections also make you a good landlord and show tenants you care about your Tampa, Florida, property.

You can keep on top of rental inspections by knowing the types of inspections and rules when doing a property inspection. It would help if you also considered hiring a property management team. 

Here's more about the process of rental inspections in Tampa, FL. 

Types of Inspections

There are several types of inspections to consider, including move-in and move-out inspections and those that are route.

It's best to know the condition of your rental property as new people move in and out of your units. You'll want to take note of the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. It's also essential to address any problems or concerns that can increase your rental value.  

Moreover, routine inspections are essential, especially if there's a history of problems with the property or the tenant. For example, if a pipe broke and there was a flood, you'll want to make the property safe. 

Staying on top of these types of inspections can increase your property value. Should anything need fixing, you can take care of the problem immediately. And if you want to sell down the road, a place with good upkeep will command a higher property value and a higher rental value.

When to Do an Inspection

There are several landlord tips you should consider regarding inspection timing.

As a property owner, you want to have a good working relationship with your tenants, and you don't want to just 'pop in.' Give notice beforehand. Also, be sure to check with any laws that might affect your visit. 

Also, tell the tenants they should be home for the inspection. 

Another landlord tip is to talk with a lawyer before inspecting a rental property. Your lawyer can guide you through any pitfalls or concerns you might have as you begin the process. 

Hire Professional Property Management

Hiring a property management company should avoid questions and concerns about property inspections.

Professionals know the rules and regulations surrounding inspections. They also know the proper protocols and best practices. 

Property management is cheaper than you think. It also allows you to grow your business in property ownership rather than dealing with the nuances of overseeing properties.

What to Know About Rental Inspections

As a property owner, there are several things to know about rental inspections, including the types of inspections and when to do an inspection. Hiring a property management company to address concerns is also a good idea.

Contact us and let us help you deal with property management in Tampa, FL. Aside from property inspections, property managers can deal with maintenance issues and rent collection. Make your job easier, and give us a call today!