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Do I Need Homeowner’s Insurance for a Tampa Rental Property?

House on FireInsurance on your Tampa rental property is critical, but you have to make sure you have the right insurance, otherwise your claims won’t be covered, and you’ll find yourself out-of-pocket for more than you’d like to pay. 

The right insurance will protect you from property loss as well as liability. If your tenant or their guests ...

How to Prepare Your Tampa Home for Hurricane Season

In the Tampa Bay area, we are in the middle of hurricane season. Generally, it runs from June 1 to November 30, and tropical activity tends to peak in late August and early September. Tampa landlords will surely remember Hurricane Irma, a huge storm that covered the state of Florida last summer. It’s important to be prepared for hurricanes and tropical storms when you have a Tampa ...

What to Look for When Purchasing an Investment Property in Tampa – Part Two

House in PhoneRecently, we talked about what type of home you should invest in when you’re looking for a Tampa rental property. Today, we want to share some of the things you should also be thinking about when you’re preparing to buy. 

Tampa Landlords: Think about Property Location

Location is always important, and this ...

What is the Best Type of Tampa Property to Invest In? Part One

When you’re ready to invest in a Tampa rental property, choose a home that matches your investment goals. You’ll want to consider the location, the price, and the condition of the home, but before you even consider those things, you’ll need to decide what type of investment property to buy. 

There are several good options, and the best types of properties...

Are You Financially Ready to Invest in Real Estate in Tampa?

Tampa investors know that buying real estate is an excellent way to earn short term cash flow as well as long term ROI. If you’re new to real estate investing, make sure you educate yourself on the best practices, and spend some time talking to experts who can help you make smart choices. 

More importantly, make sure you’re financially ready to invest in a Tampa re...

Tampa Rental Market Forecast Update – Investors’ Guide

Tampa and the surrounding areas continue to be a great place for investors. The market started strong, and it looks like the year will finish just as optimistically. Today, we’re sharing some details on the rental market so investors and owners will know what to expect from tenants, rents, and the general real estate landscape. 

Tampa Property Mana...

Rent It Network Launches the Lightning Fast Leasing Program

Rent your property lightning fast!

Tampa, FL, November, 2018— Rent It Network, a full service property management and tenant placement company in Tampa, Florida is proud to announce the launch of its newest program, Lightning Fast Leasing. This program is designed specifically for owners looking to rent their property quickly and efficiently through Rent It Network’s powerful marketing efforts that include expand...

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