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Cash Flow Analysis

Identifying the risks you're willing to take in order to receive a return is a crucial step in determining your investment goals. From single and multifamily homes to commercial investments, each property comes with its own unique assets and liabilities that can be determined and explained by an experienced investment professional.

Single Family Homes:

Single family homes are free standing homes with no shared doors or walls between tenants.


  1. Usually have higher appreciation rates.
  2. Appeals to both owners and investors.
  3. Often easier to lease.


  1. Higher cost of vacancy than multifamily homes.
  2. Potential to have increased cost per door.
  3. expenses may be higher than multifamily homes

Multifamily Homes:

Multifamily homes are traditional homes divided into multiple units


  1. Usually have higher cash flows
  2. Typically have lower cost of vacancy.
  3. Lower tax liability than single family homes


  1. Usually remain on market longer than single family homes
  2. Only marketable to investors for resale
  3. Typically have larger acquisition costs
Cash Flow Chart