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TurnKey Services

What Is A RIN Turnkey Property?

In a very saturated market for investors in the greater Tampa Bay area, RIN has created a division dedicated to serving the needs of our clients looking to buy rental investment properties. These properties are owned by Rent It Network. Our projects include brand-new construction and off market properties that have been renovated. The product we deliver is a property with no deferred maintenance and quality residents from day one. Our number one goal is to provide a single source solution for investors to expand their real estate portfolio while reducing risk. These properties are exclusive for RIN clients.  

What Type Of Return Can I Expect From A RIN Turnkey Property?

Our properties are designed to be purchased from RIN with a minimum 6% cash on cash return year one.

The other income metric we focus on is the internal rate of return. We aim to produce a minimum 15% IRR for a 7-year holding period.

If you would like more information on either of these metrics, please contact us by filling out the form.

What Type Of Properties Are RIN Turnkey Properties?

Our properties consist of single-family residential properties. Currently we do not have condos, multifamily, or townhomes.

Can These Properties Be Purchased With Financing As Well As Cash?

Yes, our investment property specialists will be able to assist you with either conventional financing or a cash purchase.

How Do I See What Properties Are Available?

Due to the exclusivity of RIN turnkey properties our listings are not publicly posted. If you would like to inquire about properties we have available please fill out the form below

How Does The Process Work?

  1. Rent It Network purchases a property/vacant land
  2. Rent It Network renovates to quality standards or or builds a new home
  3. The Rent It Network property management team places a quality resident and places the home in our management program
  4. Rent It Network will then offer the complete package to one of our investors looking for turnkey rental properties
  5. Rent It Network will also assist with the disposition of the property when you are ready to sell the home 

Would you like a one on one consultation to see if our turnkey properties are right for you? 

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