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Short Term Tampa Vacation Rentals – What Every Landlord/Investor Should Know

Tampa vacation rentals require more work and include larger expenses than properties that are leased by long-term tenants. Many investors ask us if they can rent out their furnished properties for the short term.

We always recommend that you turn your home into a long term rental instead, and that you keep it unfurnished. It’s difficult to find a tenant who will stay in a furnished home for 10 months or longer. Long term tenants have their own furniture and décor...
How to Switch from Your Current Property Management Company to Rent It Network in Tampa

The relationship you establish with your Tampa property management company should be a long term relationship built on trust, professionalism, and common goals. However, if you are not getting the service you expect and you’re looking for new management for your Tampa rental property, we invite you to consider us at Rent It Network. We’ve worked with many Tampa investors and landlords who transitioned to us from other companies, and our process is smooth and stress-free.
Tips to Marketing High-Dollar Rentals in Tampa – Time Frame to Lease

Tampa investors who own high-dollar properties need to adopt a different strategy when it comes to marketing their homes to potential tenants. You’ll need to know the market, develop relationships with various relocation companies, and prepare to adjust your expectations in terms of how quickly your property will rent.

Property Management Tampa: Marketing Experts

Working wit...

Multi-Family Guide 101: What You Should Consider to Get Up to Code in Tampa

If your Tampa rental property has four or more units, you own a multi-family investment. This is an important distinction, because managing a multi-family building is different than managing a single family residence.The services offered and fees you’re charged by many Tampa property management companies will be different. With this type of an inves...
How Rent It Network Helps Out of State Investors Purchase Their Next Tampa Rental Property

Investing in a Tampa rental property is an excellent way to earn immediate cash flow as well as long term returns. If you’re an out of state investor or even someone who lives out of the country, we can help you with purchasing an investment property. We can also take care of your Tampa property management needs.

Locating Local Opportunities

Whether you’re interested in buying a single family home, a small multi-family complex, or a...
Why Choose Rent It Network in Tampa, FL

When you’re looking for someone to manage your Tampa rental property, you should consider working with us at Rent It Network. One of the first things that property owners always ask us is what makes us different, and why should they choose us. There are a few things that set us apart when it comes to providing Tampa property management.

Professional Property Management Tampa

5 Rookie Landlord Mistakes to Avoid – Property Management Tampa

Even the most experienced landlords and property managers can make mistakes once in a while, but new landlords are especially prone to specific errors. This comes from not having the experience and the knowledge that’s necessary to successfully run a rental property. We have collected the five most common mistakes that we see. Hopefully, your awareness of these mistakes will help you avoid making them.

Not Screening Properly

Where to Advertise Rental Property in Tampa – Property Management Advice

Having a strategic advertising plan for your rental property in Tampa will ensure it gets rented quickly to a high quality tenant. When you’re deciding how to advertise your home, remember that the majority of tenants are looking for homes online. While signs and print advertisements can be helpful, most of your advertising needs to happen on the Internet. This is a world and a market driven by technology – you need to be there.

Rental Sites

There are...
How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Investment Property in Tampa

The price you set for your rental property in Tampa will impact the type of tenants you attract, the speed with which you’re able to rent your house, and the amount of vacancy and turnover you experience as a landlord. Price your home competitively while earning as much rental income as you can. The price you’re able to get really depends on the condition of the property, the upgrades you’re willing to make and the curb appeal of the house.


What is Rent It Network’s 12 Month Tenant Guarantee?

Anything unexpected can happen with tenants, even when you screen them thoroughly and you’re careful about who you place in your property. At Rent It Network, we take our tenant screening and tenant placement policies seriously, and that’s why we offer a 12 Month Tenant Guarantee for all of our full service clients.

Written Guarantee

Many of the More...

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