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Five Stars

"I am very pleased with the service I have received from Rent It Network. We live in Chicago but purchased a home in Tampa as a rental property and future retirement home. I spoke with multiple property management companies and Kris with Rent It was the most professional, informed and responsive individual out of the group. We ran into a snag in our remodel of the home and Kris and Jocelyn were both very helpful with providing referrals and being our eyes while we were back in Chicago. The home did not get listed during the peak of the rental season like we had hoped but Rent It Network did an outstanding job of getting the home rented within three weeks of being listed."
- Bryan H - Chicago, IL - Yelp
Hans Conrad

Five Stars

"I had the pleasure to working with the Rent it Network team, to have my condo rented out. I could not be happier with the service they provided. They were willing to work around my busy schedule and really made the whole experience as simple as 1, 2 and 3. From the beginning when I talked to Kris and Jobe about my property and getting everything initially set up, until Sonja and Elane took over getting my property shown and all the paper work filed, they've been most helpful! Needless to say I'm already happy to announce that a great tenant is moved in and I'm already worry free. Thanks again guys!"
- Hans Conrad - Harbour Island, FL - Google

Five Stars

"You know, when I first started my research for a property management company I was a little hesitant about Rent it just because their reviews were so perfect. Me and my fiancé actually started thinking they were paid reviews. But OMG I WAS SO WRONG. This company has the best customer service you will EVERRRR receive. I purchased a home and needed to relocate due to work 6 months after the purchase. Rent it made it extremely painless. I was scheduling and canceling appointments on Kris for a period of about 3 months due to random things I had pop up. Kris always kept it extremely professional each time and agreed to always follow up and reschedule for next time! After finally meeting with Kris Mid November I had my home rented out by mid December. They have a great team!! Sonja, Jobe , Lori and Jocelyn were also very helpful with the other half of the process. They made sure to always give me enough time to clean etc before a showing, called me to ake sure I understood the documents being sent for me to sign were clear, They were very nice about allowing my dog in the house during the showing and always answering my emails no matter when and at what time. They explained everything to me word for word. I understood what was happening and when. Not once did they try to up-sell me on the services they provide. I am left without words after coming across this company. This is the only property management company I will ever use!!"
- Chasley D. - Riverview, FL - Yelp

Five Stars

"I began using Rent It Network in 2016 for a Townhouse I own in Brandon, FL. My overall feeling is one of complete satisfaction. They were incredibly professional and managed to have my home rented in less than two weeks. Add to that the effort they go through in screening ensured excellent tenants. In every situation that has me interacting with Rent It they have been exceptional in their response to my requests. I recommend them as top shelf. I honestly don't know how they could do a better job in fulfilling their half of the contract. If five stars is the best, then they are five stars, bolded and underlined."
- Basil H. - Brandon, FL - BBB

Five Stars

"At first I thought 75% of the first months rent was high, but when I saw how quickly they leased my home, I would have paid twice as much. My home was on the market for 3 months before switching to Rent It Network. Not only did they lease my home in 11 days, but they leased it for $1000 over the Zillow estimate. If you want the best in the business, you need to call Kris Knutson"
- Peter Elam - St. Petersburg, FL - Facebook

Five Stars

"If only there were more than five stars to click!

I spent several months searching for the right house with a reputable property management company. Moving is disruptive and traumatic enough so I didn't want to go through it only to have to move again in a year because I failed to factor in the character of my property manager. Rent It Network has exhibited the utmost in professionalism.

Sonja (my on-site representative) whom I first encountered during my initial viewing (which btw I booked online with just two clicks) was always prompt to return my calls or texts from the very first day all the way through my lease signing. If it wasn't her direct apartment she would guide me to who to speak to and give them a heads up that I'll be in touch. Sonja was knowledgeable about the house and I could tell right away she took pride in her job which was refreshing after so many experiences with beleaguered property managers and landlords who so obviously would've preferred to be "gone fishin' " or be anywhere but there!

Another outstanding feature of Rent It Network's structure was that once I applied for the property, I was assigned an assistant from the office - Jocelyn, who cheerfully guided me and saw to it that all the required documentation and other application paperwork was in order. She, like Sonja, was always prompt to return my call or simply picked up when I called the first time another rare rarity in our often over-automated world.

I deeply appreciate the balance Rent It Network seems to have struck between humanism (personal care during the often anxiety-filled application process and lease signing ) and wisely utilizing the latest tech to make it easier for the client to do things that don't necessarily require one- to-one attention from their staff (booking viewings online with instant email/text verifications, paying rent and submit maintenance requests electronically). Rather than being like so many companies that employ technologies to cut down on staff and cut corners I genuinely feel they are using the available tech to strike a win-win for client and the company-I wish more companies strove to strike that cord so that their employees and clients to be equally valued and happy.

I don't usually take time to write reviews, but for all these reasons Rent It Network stands out from the rest. Go to their website book an appt to view one or more of their properties and trip out on how different it is.? Thank you for reading this far! good luck & happy house hunting! "

- Nicole La Rosa - Tampa, FL - Google

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